Open Paint - Paint on your Own!

               Pick from Canvas, Wood Boards, Wine Glasses & Terra Cotta Pots

Here are your canvas choices for open paint:
11x14 - $18     8x16 - $20    16x20 - $25 

When signing up on line we list only one size, the 11x14 for $18.  If you would like to upgrade to one of the other choices, you can do that once here and pay the upgrade

cost at that time.
Price includes the canvas and use of paint, brushes, and an apron, as well as use of the studio space during our regular scheduled Open Paint sessions.

Please check our calendar for scheduled Open Paint times.  Or call us at 262-784-4900 with any questions.
** Canvas must be purchased on site **

 *All beverages must be purchased at the studio, food or snacks can be brought in to the studio if desired.*
              **Open Paint times are subject to change, so always check calendar or call before visiting.**


Need a place to get that other project painted or finished?  Away from the kids and all the distraction?  Creative Art & Wine Studio now offers you time to use the studio for projects not sold in our studio.  Use of studio, paint, brushes and apron to work on any project other than what we sell.  Use of studio time cost is as follows;

1-2 hours of studio time - $20

2.5-3 hours of studio time - $30

3-5 hours of studio time - $40

Contact the studio for more information or to schedule your studio use time usually done during Open Paint times.


 Our Open Paint sessions provide you with an opportunity to paint on your own. You purchase the canvas in our Studio or when you sign up online and are then free to paint either something of your own or choose to paint something that inspires you from our vast  library of art. We also have a small library of written instruction for some of our more popular paintings that you may choose to follow. 

Open Paint sessions are non-instruction classes. Someone
is always in the Studio to

get you started, but this is not a step-by-step guided paint time, so while

we recommended it for people who have painted before, we have had

some newbies come in and do just fine.

We recommend looking over our art prior to coming in for Open Paint to decide on a project you would like to do.  Be somewhat prepared!  If you come in with no idea of what you want to do, you may not have enough time to finish your project. 

If painting something not in our studio, please be prepared with your own stencils

or lettering for your project. If you would like us to create a custom stencil we can do that for an additional charge.  Email or give us a call to discuss it.

Check calendar for Open Paint times. 

Allow yourself a minimum of 2 hours to do Open Paint.
Reservations are recommended.  Limited seating.

Ages 8 and up are allowed at open paint on canvas and we recommend 12 and older on wood.   Remember this is a non instructed time and you would need to assist the younger child during an open paint session.



Paint with a sip on the side!

Paint one of these Acrylics on Wood paintings during open paint.  Or if you have an idea of your own, we welcome that as well.  But please be Somewhat Prepared as to what you want to paint.  If you come in with no idea, you may not be able to finish your project.

This is a non instructed session.  We help you get started, but this is not a step by step.

All of our wood boards are already assembled and stained for your convenience.  We have products that can help to change your board colors as well.

Acrylics on Wood prices are:

$25 for a 7x14 2 Board available while supplies last !

$32 for a 10 1/2x16 wood board (3 Board)

$39 for a 18x14 wood board (4 Board)

(prices for Acrylics on Wood are the Open Paint with limited instruction prices.  See Private Events page for prices during Private Events)

Check back for more designs and quotes to be added.  Ages 11 & up recommended for Open Paint on Wood.


A variety of designs are available for you to choose from. 

2 wine glass choices to pick from.  Very easy to follow.

Artist are available to help you get started.

Cost $18 or $20


A variety of options to paint on a Terra cotta flower pot.

2 sizes to choose from.

Small - $14

Large - $18